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Becoming A Midwife

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together  is a process.  Working together is success."

~Henry Ford


About the Profession

Midwives are primary health care providers to women throughout the lifespan. This means that midwives perform physical exams, prescribe medications including contraceptive methods, order laboratory tests as needed, provide prenatal care, gynecological care, labor and birth care, as well as health education and counseling to women of all ages. Women, children, and families have better lives because of the work of certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) and certified midwives (CMs). The American College of Nurse-Midwives is the professional association that represents CNMs and CMs.

About the Education

Midwifery preparation in programs accredited by the Accreditation Council of Midwifery Education is a graduate level education. Preparation focuses on both theory and acquisition of clinical skills. Programs are based on a competency model that is set by the ACME. Graduation requires that all students have reached the level of competent beginning practitioners. A Master’s degree is awarded at completion of the program.

Some Midwifery programs require a Bachelor’s degree in nursing for admission. Some offer bridge programs for those with an Associate’s degree in nursing or a Bachelor’s degree in another field.


Programs in Colorado

University of Colorado Denver (MS)
College of Nursing
13120 E 19th Ave # 6511
Aurora, CO  80045-2567
Program Directed By:  Jennifer G. Hensley CNM WHNP EdD

  • BS to MS Option
  • Master's
  • Post-Master's Graduate Certifica Option
  • Post-MS DNP


Programs Offering “Distance Education”

Frontier Nursing University (MSN, DNP)
Community-Based Nurse-Midwifery Edu.
PO Box 528
Hyden, KY  41749-0528
Program Directed By:  Tonya Nicholson DNP CNM WHNP-bc

  • AD RN to CNM Option
  • Fully Distance
  • Master's Completion Option
  • Post Graduate Certificate Option

Midwifery Institute of Philadelphia University (MS)

School of Science and Health
Midwifery Program
Schoolhouse Lane and Henry Ave Room 222
Philadelphia, PA  19144
Program Directed By:  Dana Perlman CNM MSN

  • Certified Midwife (CM) option
  • Fully Distance
  • Master's Completion Option
  • Post Graduate Certificate Option

Foreign-educated midwife transfer credits

Stony Brook University (MS)
School of Nursing
Pathways to Midwifery
Health Sciences Center
Stony Brook, NY  11794-0001
Program Directed By:  Kelly Walker CNM DNP

  • BA/BS to RN/CNM Option
  • Fully Distance
  • Master's Completion Option
  • Post Graduate Certificate Option

University of Cincinnati Nurse-Midwifery (MSN)
College of Nursing and Health
Nurse-Midwifery Education Program
PO Box 210038
Cincinnati, OH  45221-0001
Program Directed By:  Cynthia Nypaver CNM, PhD, WHNP-BC

  • BA/BS to RN/CNM Option

Fully Distance

For a full listing of midwifery education programs visit:

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